Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So many boxes!

Day 2

What a day it was! Our amazing movers arrived at 8am on the dot and began unloading the truck into the house.  Luckily, our truck driver remembered where much of our stuff went so I didn't have to do too much directing. I had also labeled each room with painters tape so they could navigate box placement better.  In addition my brother, Hunter, arrived to begin removing the carpet from the "kid" bedrooms.  As clean as the family before was, I just can't do someone else's carpet. 

As soon as the movers finished (by 11:30!), Leslie and I went on a search for the perfect refrigerator.  It took some looking but the refrigerator was found!  You'll see pictures in Day 3. 

Here are the pictures!

Nermal wasn't sure what to think about all this stuff!
So much packing paper...this is just from the dishes box! I dove into unpacking the kitchen as soon as the boxes landed.  I can't live without an organized kitchen!

That's right! That's a bed in the dining room.  We decided this was the best place for it since  it will be the guest bed but that bedroom has no floors at the moment!

bedroom minus carpet

another bedroom minus carpet

embarrassingly, these boxes are all clothes (except for the 2 flat ones on the right hand side)

It's hard to believe all of these boxes came from our small apartment!

A special thank you to my brother and sister for all of your help!  So nice to be close to you both!

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