Sunday, May 27, 2012

If Walls Could Talk

So...I'm a little behind schedule in posting what has been happening in AR.  I was going to try and summarize the week in one post, but it's just not possible!  Look forward to many more posts in the next few days!

Day 1

I arrived around 9pm with my little sister.  Russell was still in Memphis waiting on phase 2 of moving trucks. I was really thankful Leslie came to stay with me!  Russell and I were so fortunate to have bought a house from a very sweet family. Walking into the empty house, I felt like the house missed it's family as much as the family missed it's house.  I know this house holds memories of lots of happy noise! I immediately promised it that we would fill it with lots of love, a new family and many visitors. 

You'll notice lots of light in these pics because I actually took these on the morning of Day 2 before the truck arrived!

I am now realizing I haven't actually taken a picture of the outside of the house!  Use your imagination- white siding, shaker shingles, black shutters and black front door.  Lots of trees :)

Here's the tour...

from the front door, take a right into the dining room

from the dining room, you walk through into the kitchen (that's Nermal in the corner.  He's the previous owners' cat who stayed with me for a week)


from the kitchen take a right and another right, it leads you to the laundry room and storage closet 
if you take a right then a left,  then its guest room.  Here's the closet
...guest room bathroom

guest room- I LOVE the windows in here!
 If you would've taken a left from the kitchen, you would've entered the living room...
door to kitchen

fireplace, bookshelves, and door to the sun porch

paneling and fireplace

french doors to screened porch

view of the yard

view of the house from the porch and you can also see the deck
continuing through the living room and back to the front door you find the staircase

and under the staircase is this little powder room

at the top of the stairs to the left is the multipurpose room

multipurpose room closet

just past the multipurpose room is this "kid" bathroom

hallway to the bedrooms

"kid" bedroom 1

"kid" bedroom 1 alternate view

next door is "kid" bedroom 2

at the end of the hallway is the master bedroom

through the door you can see in the master bedroom is the master bathroom

and inside the bathroom is the master closet

master closet pic 2

master closet pic 3
We truly love our new house! Get ready to view the chaos in the next few days!


  1. Looks gorgeous�� Is this Bentonville?

    1. Thank you Debbie! Yes, it's Bentonville!