Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prioritize to Organize

Day 3

Today I went on an unpacking and organization spree.  I seriously unpacked from 7am-6pm and from there went grocery shopping.  Somehow I didn't get home until 9pm!

Kitchen cabinets all organized with my aqua and white dishes! I'm feeling extremely lucky that they look so great in our kitchen since there's nowhere for them to hide!

New Refrigerator!

coffee bar in the right hand corner, baking station in the middle, barware  on the left hand side and what you don't see is a ton of organization in the drawers and lower cabinets

beginnings of glassware and microwave station...yes that is a ton of booze- it took me awhile to figure out what to do with it so it sat on the counter for a few days!

semi organized pantry 

beginnings of bathroom organization, you'll see similar pictures for a few days.  this was a toughie for me!

beginnings of organized towel closet

what do I do with this?!

beginnings of organized master closet

suit and dress organization

not making much progress on Russell's side!

towel etc closet looking better, pile in the floor looking worse

...and worse

ahh! but this looks better!

and so does this...

and this!

box pile is getting smaller- all of those closet in tupperware containers are out of season clothes

and these are things waiting on drawers!

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