Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Truck 2

Days 7, 8, 9

Day 7: I did a little tidying up- finishing up some open projects and cleaning a little.  Russell arrived later in the evening and we had our first dinner together picnic style on the screened porch.  At this point we have no tables!

Day 8: Russell and I ran errands and bought a new mattress!  Leslie and her boyfriend Hunter (I know confusing, our brother's name is Hunter too) came over to hang too.

Day 9: The movers arrived from Memphis.  Unfortunately, no one called to tell us they were coming so we weren't prepared for them at all. They were slow and careless with many of our things.  Pretty much if it was antique and irreplaceable- they broke it.

Here are just a few examples of broken stuff:
the beginning of broken furniture- they must've thrown this chair out of the truck

another broken place, same chair

Russell's grandmother's piano- took a little wood off here...

and the whole leg fell off here.  Notice where they lost a piece!

this is our antique dresser where they broken the edge and glued it back like we wouldn't notice

Our new bed! King sized!

more boxes added to the pile...and cute little chairs in desperate need of new upholstery

Bedroom furniture!

and more bedroom furniture!

Kitchen table! We now have a place to eat!

dining room furniture...

still mixed with guest room furniture!

The living room that was once livable is now piled with boxes and rugs.

another angle

The screened porch now looks like a storage facility 

At this point we're now feeling like we have too much stuff!  Look forward to seeing how we put all of this stuff away.

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