Thursday, June 7, 2012

Floors and More!

I've lost count of the days, but here are some highlights from last week!

Floors are in progress!  The guest room was added on at a later time- half of the closet is concrete from the garage. This meant building up the floor with glue before the wood floor could be laid.

Oops!  Looks like Genna got curious!

almost ready!

While we were waiting on floors to be finished, Russell worked diligently to "bug proof" the screened porch.  This meant hanging screen underneath so bugs couldn't attack from the floor.  He has also installed weather stripping at the base of the door, patched a hole and put in a screened dog door for the dogs.  Russell's becoming so handy!

Finally!  There's floor space in the multipurpose room...still lots of work to be done in here!

Upstairs guest room.  Check those beautiful floors!  Still lots of finishing touches (notice the tiny rug under the bed- we'll need a new one) left to make this room comfy!

The office (also new beautiful floors).  Looks like we're very hard workers judging by the size  of those desks!  Those desks were just about the death of both of us.  It took a rented dolly, many tries and lots of patience to get these desks from point A to point B but we did it (with only minor injuries to the door frame).  This room still has a long way to go as well!

....busted!  We just transferred a bunch of stuff from the multipurpose room into this closet!

Oh happy day!  There's no more bed in the dining room!  Can't wait to get those walls painted!

Downstairs guest room.  This is my favorite room in the house so far!

note the new floors...and the crooked blinds :)

It's coming along and beginning to feel like home!  Nothing exciting has happened this week, so I'll spare you the details.  Next pictures will be of freshly painted walls!