Saturday, April 23, 2011

What Makes A Day Beautiful?

This morning I had a tough time dragging myself out of bed. It was rainy, gloomy and a little chilly. I was hoping to wake up to warm and sunny but it didn't happen. I was prepping myself for a bit of a lazy, unfulfilled morning. I went through the morning routine of making a green smoothie (much needed after our pizza binge at Mellow Mushroom last night) and checking email. This morning Russell had to be at a conference and that's the only thing that got me out the door. I decided that since I would be near downtown that I should stop in at the farmers' market and that's when my day took a turn for the better.

As always, I should've taken more pictures to illustrate the perfection represented in the farmers' market. Upon entering, there is a man playing the violin, and toddlers doing the baby bounce as they listen. Families interacting and meeting new families, lots of smiling faces, and the sound of "good morning" throughout the crowd. I could sit and watch this community of people all day. I took a walk through the market to enjoy the smells and beautiful colors of the vegetables, fruits, fresh meat and cheese, and beautiful flowers. All farmers smiling and ready to tell you anything you need to know about their organic goods.

I could've shopped all day and come home with a load of food for the week but
I practiced a bit of self control and walked away with fresh strawberries and asparagus. The strawberries were picked this morning at 6:45. Embarrassingly, I was 75 cents short but without even a blink, the boy at the strawberry stand said "Don't worry about it! Enjoy your strawberries!".

I love the market. Everybody wins there. The shoppers get fresh food and they know exactly where it came from. The farmers raise awareness of their farms and make profit for their hard work. Durham builds a stronger family.

I took one more perusal through the market-listening, looking, and breathing deeply taking in the experience. When backing out of the small space where I chose to park, a couple stopped to help me and let me know how much space I had left and did it with a smile.

It's not the weather that makes this day beautiful. It's the community. People serving people.

...and that's all!


  1. what!? so you're saying that when we were hanging out this morning that that wasn't enough to make your day beautiful!? :)

    -the husband

  2. Boy, those strawberries look mighty good. Ours are just coming in, and we don't have enough to get more than a few a day. Have a wonderful Easter. We missed you both at last night's Seder.

  3. I love that you love the Farmers Market as much as me. One of these days we should go together :)