Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodbye February, Hello March!

Well, I've officially failed my New Year's resolution to blog weekly. Surprising? No.

Here's a quick update of what's going on in my life (to be read like the introduction to Glee).

...I spent most of February winding things up at work which meant a backlog of filing (probably the most time consuming thing I've ever had to do) assisting (and doing a terrible job) with planning for KKG Xi Province Meeting in Tuscaloosa Alabama which was a success thanks to all who worked so hard (I totally slacked although gave it all I had at the time) where upon arrival it was snowing and sleeting which caused a bit a chaos but we finished out the weekend strong and I was re-elected for another term as PDC, that's two more years (I'll be 28 when my term is up, ah!)...big breath...Russell and I spent 20 uninterrupted hours together on a staycation that was a blast, after much deliberation and decision tree making, Russell accepted his summer internship at WalMart, along with my team I planned the silent auction for Fuqua's MBA Games benefiting the Special Olympics of North Carolina which meant lots of emails, phone calls, item pick ups, begging, pleading, delegating, dealing with a few mean people...big breath...and countless hours of organization that lead to a successful event raising over $38,000 (silent auction alone $18,000), and finally a quick trip to Memphis to see a portion of the Bloodworth family spent honing my multitasking skills, diaper changing, breakfast, dishes, building dinosaurs, reading books, dressing, rocking, playing, seeing friends, closing on my house (I'll miss you Bluff Rd), and hanging out with my mom and in-laws.

And that's what's been happening with me.


Now we're in March and I feel like a new, more relaxed woman. I am working on living in happiness and enjoying what each day brings. I'm back into yoga again, I'm not waking up until 7am, and if my list still has items to be checked off at the end of the day, I'm trying to focus on what was accomplished and not what is left to do.

Russell and I will be spending the weekend in Atlanta celebrating the marriage of Russell's childhood friend, Michael and following that, we'll be headed to Grand Cayman to soak up some sun and stuff our faces with yummy food!

I'm continuing to explore career opportunities which takes up a lot of my thinking time these days. I'm currently considering going back to school to get my MMS (Masters of Management Studies) at Duke, which is sort of like getting a mini MBA. I'm still considering a different direction in speech pathology as well as event planning and a host of other options. I'll be excited when I pick something!

Here are some pics of the last month...

Our adorable room at King's Daughters Inn for our staycation

Here are a couple of auction prep photos... We had approximately 260 items in our silent auction!

Here's Baby Christopher having a snack and playing trains.

Here's William builing obstacle courses for his trains.

New baby Parker, sleeping. He's adorable and has red hair. I'm a bit partial to the red heads of the family :)

William and I made burger cookies out of candy. They were really cute but they didn't taste so great!

and that's all!


  1. Katie, you are an awesome aunt! William and Christopher are very lucky (and adorable!).

  2. All, I apologize for the terrible picture formatting, I could not get the captions to show up in the correct places. A little common sense in figuring our which each caption is talking about will get you far :)

  3. Katie, I just read your whole blog. You are a very fine writer. Very. And you have a lot of insight. I hope others get to read whatyoubare writing becauseI think it is GREAT!